Every hour every day somewhere somebody is riding and everyday IS an “awareness” period . . . so help us get the awareness messages out EACH day . . . consider before you go out riding, post an ‘awareness’ message or post one of ours (or others’) ‘awareness’ pictures, with a simple message such as, “I’m going out riding . . . Check Twice – Save a Life, MOTORCYCLES are EVERYWHERE!”

In Massachusetts (our home base), we were able to enact a bill in 2002 so that our Governor now proclaims the last week of March through April 30th as our Commonwealth’s “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period”.

Click here for the text of “An Act Providing For The Annual Observance of Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Time“.

We encourage riders everywhere to rally their Mayors, Town Managers, Selectmen, and City Council Members, to do the same locally. This is the period of time when most of our 160,000+ bikes are coming out of winter’s hibernation, and drivers need to be reminded we are back on the roads.

Did you know that MAY is “Motorcycles And You” month throughout the United States and has been since the early 1990’s? For more information, you can read about our organization’s history of promoting motorcycle safety and awareness.