Since 1982, over 2 million bright yellow CHECK TWICE – SAVE A LIFE, MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE! bumper stickers have been placed on cars, trucks and trailers.

The phrase’s author, Bob Doiron of Moultonboro, New Hampshire, Paul W. Cote of Amesbury, Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Motorcyclists Survivor’s Funds teamed up in year 2000, to encourage new ways of reducing motorcycle accidents, injuries and fatalities.

In 2005, Bob gave Paul authorization to do “Check Twice Signs” and other “Check Twice” products, and Paul registered the “Check Twice” phase as a ‘servicemark.’

In January, 2010, Bob retired and picked Paul to transfer the “Check Twice” servicemark to Paul.

In 2013, others tried to claim ownership of the phase, registering it. Paul, with Bob and others support, challenged the claim and they gave up. They wanted to give it back to Paul, who refused telling their attorney, “you can’t give me back something that was never yours.”

In 2014, the Bob and Paul then teamed up with Charlie St. Clair and Laconia Bike Week, creating a reunion-type night during Bike Week honoring and recognizing longtime riders with a history of promoting motorcycle awareness

In July 2016, Bob passed away and was honored / remembered at Fenway Park during a “Check Twice Night at Fenway.”

Paul continues Bob’s tradition since 1982 of giving out FREE stickers in his travels and to those who mail – in a self-addressed STAMPED return envelope.

“Bob is an example of the difference one person can make with their ideas, passion and drive. I’m honored he chose me as his ‘caretaker’ of the “Check Twice” phase and history,” said Paul. “I’ll be passing it on someday like he did to me.”