You can help raise awareness of drivers sharing the road with motorcycles by displaying bumper stickers, signs and other products aimed at reducing motorcycle accidents, injuries and fatalities. You can show your support by wearing the ‘Check Twice’ on patches and pins and key chains and more! It really does depend on us…

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Since 1982, over 2.9 million bright yellow ‘CHECK TWICE – SAVE A LIFE – MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE!’ bumper stickers have been placed on cars, trucks, trailers, lunch boxes and in store and shops and dealers windows.

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The phrase’s author, Bob Doiron (now Riding in Peace), Paul W. Cote of Amesbury, Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Motorcyclists Survivor’s Funds, Supporting dealers, shops, clubs and groups, including the Boston Red Sox and local theatre venues, have teamed up to encourage new ways of promoting the “Check Twice” motorcycle awareness message aimed at reducing motorcycle accidents, injuries and fatalities. And it works!

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Custom bumpers stickers and handcards, with your message, your name, business, club, group, website or Facebook Page, or an “in memory of . . . ” message on the bottom, in quantities of 125, 250, 500 or more, or smaller quantities of 2, 10 or 25 stickers with our “” tag-line.

Or, if you’re in our area, attend one or more our our respectful and fun Events during the season, including “Nelson’s Family Breakfast,” “Check Twice Night at Fenway Park,” “Amesbury Motorcycle Awareness Show,” and some of our co-sponsored / supported concerts and Memory Rides !

And, if you want to be the ‘go to motorcyclist’ in your home town area, promoting awareness, contact Paul W. Cote at [email protected] for more information. Training, direction, support available!